The following projects were supported by sahee in the past:

A better future for the OVCs of Mahlanya: an integral approach

A better livelihood through Savings- and Credit-clubs
(Lubombo Region)

A manual to get clean drinking water

Able artists despite disability

Act(ion) against gender based violence and child abuse

Advocating for agroecology - now more than ever!

Agroecology in the middle of the capital city Mbabane

An internet platform to sell Swazi Artifacts
(Ezulwini Tal)

Becoming true parents
(District Malkerns, village Mahlanya)

Boosting Community Based Organizations
(Anywhere in Eswatini)

Breaking the downward spiral

Chicken for Orphans
(Mambane, Lubombo-Distrikt)

Child Friendly Schools
(Lubombo and Shiselweni region)

Clean water for 95 families

Combat gender based violence and HIV/AIDS: an integral, community based approach
(Nhlangano, Shiselweni District)

Community Based Organizations: The heart of community development

Community Based Organizations: The heart of community development, phase II

Community Based Organizations: The heart of community development, phase III
(Anywhere in Eswatini)

Comprehensive development for the far South-East
(Mambane, Lubombo-Region)

Comprehensive development for the far South-East - consolidated
(Mambane, Lubombo -Region)

(Siteki, Lubombo Region)

Craftswomen at school
(Piggs Peak, Nord-Hhohho)

Create local income to support orphans
(Mambane, Lubombo)

Deaf artists
(Ezulwini, Swaziland)

Dignity for elderly people
(Manzini, Lowveld)

Don't waste it
(Lobamba region / Mashibini and Khula communities)

Drinking Water for the Elwandle Mahhahhani-Community
(Elwandle Mahhahhani, Manzini)

Early childhood development: changing society from the roots
(District Malkerns, Mahlanya)

Empowering the local CBO Indvuli

Empowerment of child headed households
(Buhleni, Hhohho District)

Explaining Swaziland - a book project

Fighting the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world
(Districts of Shiselweni and Lubombo)

Food Security and Climate Adaptation
(Shiselweni Region / Ntjanini and Sigwe communities)

Fresh cow-milk for orphans

Gender based violence and HIV/AIDS - it's urgent!

Get to know the real Swaziland

Health and prosperity thanks to a solid basis for life
(Lubombo Area)

Helping children to stay on the right track

Herbs against HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis
(Mbabane, Hhohho District)

Home-based care for AIDS patients
(Sipete und KaNyama, Sphocosini)

Homeopathy and healthy nutrition for all
(Central clinic in Mbabane, outreach clinics all over Eswatini)

Homeopathy shall become accessible for all

Homeopathy: a good, low cost and humane alternative
(19 places for rural mobile clinic and one medical practice in Mbabane)

I choose life
(Mbabane, Hhohho District)

It is WORTH it!
(Shiselweni (Somtongo Tinkhundla) and Lubombo (Mpolonjeni Tinkhundla) region)

Literacy training for Artist-Blacksmiths
(near Piggs Peak, northern-Hhohho)

Local Champions: Models for Sustainable Livelihoods
(Shiselweni district / Ntjanini and Sigwe communities)

Marketing of local Products from the Lubombo Mountains
(Lubombo Mountains)

Marketing vegetables? No problem!
(Several regions in Middle- and Lowveld of Swaziland)

More than "just" permaculture

Nature as medicine
(Mbabane, Shewula, Malalotja, Bhunya, Ntfonjeni, Mkhuzweni, Sigombeni, Manzini)

Peasant farmers cultivate vegetables for self-sufficiency and hotel guests
(Zandondo, Hhohho)

Poverty, HIV/AIDS and food insecurity - escaping a vicious circle

Powerful, well women who can live their dreams
(Hhohho, Manzini, and Shiselweni Regions)

Product Development!
(Area around Mahlanya)

Propagation of a holistic treatment and homeopathy in Swaziland
(19 places for rural mobile clinic and one medical practice in Mbabane)

Rescue for the Desperate
(St. Phillips)

Resilient Peasants

Restoring dignity and resilience of the sick
(Buhleni in the Hhohho and Manzini district)

Seeds for sustainability
(Manzini, Swaziland)

Signpost for young men

Strengthen a local partner organization

Sustainable Homeopathy
(Hhohho, Mbabane)

Sustainable, low cost agriculture - a positive trend!
(Luyengo, Malkerns & Mahlanya)

Swaziland needs "strong" men
(Mahlanya und Mbuluzi)

Swaziland's First Hospitality-Management School

Teenagers learn to value organic cultivation again
(Mafucula, Lubombo)

The Children's Protection and Welfare Act 2012: weapon against child abuse
(Nhlangano, Shishelweni district )

The hidden children
(Maphungwane, Tikhuba, Mambane and Maphiveni communities (Lubombo region))

Tools for Life
(Rural outskirts of Manzini)

Vitamins in front of the doorstep
(Middle Veld)

Water and sanitation: creating a better learning environment
(Big Bend and Pigg’s Peak in the Hhohho and Lubombo districts,)

Water for Life

Worthy toilets and access to safe drinking water
(Mbabane, districts Hhohho and Lubombo)

Youth unemployment in Swaziland
(All Swaziland, urban and rural areas)